About me

I guess I should introduce myself, since you went to the effort of clicking on the about me link. My name is Dave Anderson, and I used to be a system level computer programmer, who got sick of the computer industry, went back to school and am now a biologist. The interesting thing about being a biologist is that I still spend much of my time writing computer programs.

This site is just a hodge-podge of posts about whatever happens to interest me at the time of posting. It's a blog, but it will also contain various informational pages that I feel like writing, such as reviews, recipes, or how-to articles on gardening. I've had this domain since 1999, and the site has gone through several iterations. After ignoring the site while I went to school and started my new career, I decided that trying to revive the old site would be too much effort, so I'm going with a fresh start.

Where does the name of the site, quiet like a panther, come from?

Many years ago, a group of us were hopping over a fence, and I landed on a board with a lot of broken glass under it, causing it to make all sorts of additional glass breaking sounds. As we were not necessarily supposed to be hopping that fence, my friend Blade goes "Shhh, quiet like a panther" after which he turned and kicked a bunch of cans and bottles over. From that moment on, "quiet like a panther" was born. And in case you are wondering, yes, alcohol was involved.